About Our Bronze, Silver and Gold Dog Classes

We currently run the Kennel Club Bronze, Silver and Gold Dog Training classes available for dogs of all breeds and ages (depending on temperament). 
Spaces are limited to 10 per class and courses run every 8 weeks. 

What the Kennel Club Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards cover

The Kennel Club Good Citizen Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards covers Responsibility and Care of owning a dog. The scheme builds from the very basics such as socialisation, health checks, playing with your dog, walking on lead and all the commands such as "Sit", "Wait", "Stay", "Lie Down", "Come", "Leave it", "Stand"  and "Recall" (getting your dog to come back to you in the park) etc., right upto feeling confident that your dog will stay down in one place without budging, even if you leave the room for 5 minutes, stopping your dog in it's tracks from a distance, sending your dog to a place where it will lie down on the spot until given it's next command, and many other canine related disciplines.

By the time a dog progresses through to Gold level, visitors usually say that "It's like watching a group of dogs at Crufts on TV!" We are very proud of the fact that most of the dogs who reach Gold level usually began with us as young puppies and dogs at either our Puppy Foundation or Bronze courses.

Classes are up to 1 hour between 7.00pm and 9.00pm every Thursday. Each course lasts 7 weeks, with either a 'grading' or 'assessment' at the end of it, enabling your dog to progress to the next level.

To book onto any of the Bronze, Silver or Gold courses, you will need to use a password.

Passwords are given to puppy owners who have successfully completed our Puppy Foundation course, and to older dogs who have successfully completed our Bronze Awards.

If you have not attended training with us before, but you have successfully passed either the Puppy Foundation or Bronze/Silver Awards at a different training venue, you will need to attend a brief 15 minute assessment with your dog, and provide proof of previous KC achievements.

If you have never attended any dog training scheme before, and have a friendly, yet untrained pooch, we advise you to enrol onto the Puppy Foundation course in order to cover the basics first. 

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How to book a course

Most of our bookings are taken online. We have venues and suitability throughout Liverpool, including spectator slots so you can see what we do before booking.

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